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A fairly new name in the world of orchestra that has imbibed the new age philosophy is, Grand Philharmonic Orchestra.

Started in 2015, GPO’s first two performances were with Arijit Singh, a leading Bollywood artist, (in Dubai and London). Both the concerts were sold out and extremely well received by the audience. In November 2015 the orchestra was invited to perform at a private wedding in Udaipur. The client rated the performance as a very high quality delivery. Moving on, GPO performed at several large private & public concerts in India and UK. Some of the notable ones are in Pune with Ajay Atul, Jodhpur and Mumbai. In December 2018, GPO performed at the much publicised ‘Ambani’ wedding with the Oscar & Grammy winning composer & musician, A R Rahman. 

In 2021 GPO recorded the score for the blockbuster movie 'Jai Bhim'. Leading on from there, few more recording projects has been already done for other Indian films which are due to be released in 2023-24.


Grand Philharmonic Orchestra is a freelance orchestra which comprises of some of the best musicians from the UK and around the world. We are housed with a very talented team of Arrangers, Orchestrators and Conductors, who work on each musical piece to the finest detail to ensure that the best performance is rendered. 


Our philosophy is to create music that transcends the boundaries of language and culture, to be different yet relevant to the audience.  GPO creates musical performances that leave everlasting memories with its audience. Over the next few years, the orchestra will engage in developing musical ideas that will be distinctly different to concepts of conventional orchestral music.  

GPO is collaborating with notable musicians & composers from around the world to develop exciting musical projects and possibilities. 

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